Online Advertising on Google and Facebook: The Benefits vs. the Costs

By Dave Levesque 1 year ago
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When it comes to online advertising platforms, there is no doubt that Google and Facebook are two of the most popular ones currently.

Both of them have so many perks to their names, that very often, business owners find it difficult to decide between the two.

This might seem like we are bursting the bubble a little too soon, but if you are wondering if you should go for Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, the correct answer is… Both!

Factors like, what your type of business actually is, what is your target audience’s behavior etc are what’s going to determine whether online advertising on Google would be better over Facebook.

To just give you an introduction of sorts of what it’s like to advertise using Google and what it is like doing the same on Facebook, we will discuss  both the scenarios separately.

Online Advertising via Google Adwords:

Google Adwords target that audience who already knows what they want to buy, they are just looking for somebody they can buy from. The marketing reach of Adwords is also so much better than Facebook. Not only does Google Adwords make it possible for business owners to specifically target their audience, it also helps them to significantly improve their lead generation process. Adwords has a number of free tracking features that allows business owners to keep an eye out on any possible leads.

Google Adwords also allows advertisers to make use of specific keywords in their ads, which, when typed in Google by a potential customer later, they see that specific ad displayed on their screens. Talk about relevance!

The fact that Google owns YouTube allows advertisers to use the Adwords on YouTube too! And considering the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine that is not bad at all!

Now for the not so bright side of using Google Adwords.

One of the biggest drawbacks of sorts with Google Adwords is that Adwords alone are not going to help you do business; you need to have an amazing website too which would actually encourage the buyer. Another disadvantage with Google Adwords is that you cannot limit the Adwords to be displayed on any one particular kind of device. They will be displayed on a variety of devices which might negatively affect your campaign’s profitability aspect.

Online Advertising via Facebook:

The biggest perk of advertising with Facebook is that you stand a better chance at creating brand awareness considering Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms out there. The whole “like/comment/share” feature which Facebook ads come with also makes it easier to create somewhat of a bond between the seller and the buyer.

While Facebook may not own YouTube, it makes up for it by doing the following: the fact that Facebook allows advertisers to overlay the interest, demography and location of the users and reach out to an extremely targeted audience.

Amongst the cons of Facebook is that your target audience might get irritated or even bored when they see the same ad/banner over and over again. Plus you need to have an amazing content generating team for Facebook ads because if the content of those ads is not engaging enough then you might as well look for an alternative online advertising platform.

It is impossible to cover all the benefits and costs of using Google Adwords and/or Facebook in a small post like this. This is just to generally give you an idea of what to expect when using one over the other.

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