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The magic potion’s recipe.

100% Responsive Design

Your website has to adjust itself to any screen display. Whether it’s on a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet, your website will adjust itself automatically.

Creative design

Impeccable design that takes into consideration your branding and your marketing objectives.

Modern and clean coding

The use of a platform, such as Joomla or WordPress, allows us to create a low-maintenance website.


Optimized content that improves search engines performances.


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Meet the Druids

Olivier Bertrand

COO - Energetix

Ted Gueniche

CIT - Javascrix

Dave Levesque

CEO - Optimizamix

This druid carries energy potions: his own concoctions. The results are amazing: off the beaten path, one or two drops and you’re propelled into a new dimension! Your image has changed and your company’s developing like never before!

Javascrix has many years of experience in software development and research. With the help of his programming magic, he can solve problems of the 21 century. From websites and applications programming to artificial intelligence, Javascrix will surpass your expectations.

This druid has many tricks up his sleeve. His optimization recipes allow Web surfers to rapidly find your website on search engines. Moreover, this druid’s potions will allow you to reach your marketing objectives and propel your business to the next level.

Ted Gueniche


Javascrix a des années d’expérience dans la recherche et le développement de logiciels. Il utilise sa magie de programmation pour résoudre des problèmes du 21e siècle. Que ce soit pour la programmation de site Web, d’applications mobiles ou encore d’intelligence artificielle, Javascrix possède le savoir-faire requis pour tous vos projets.

Olivier Bertrand


Ce druide transporte avec lui des potions d’énergie : ses propres décoctions. Les résultats sont surprenants : hors des sentiers battus, une ou deux gouttes et vous voilà propulsé dans une nouvelle dimension! Votre image change, votre entreprise se développe comme jamais auparavant!

Dave Levesque


Ce druide connait bien les recettes d’optimisation. Ses potions magiques permettent aux internautes de trouver votre site Web rapidement sur les moteurs de recherche. De plus, les potions de ce druide vous permettront d’atteindre vos objectifs de marketing.

Optimization SEO87%
Google AdWords91%


Our Offer

Our expert’s team is dedicated to creating quality websites in the shortest time possible. We offer modern products that take into consideration your company’s marketing tactics, search engine optimization, and above all, our designs are smooth, sleek, and sexy. Today’s entrepreneurs know the true value of a well-built website that meets marketing goals. We stand out from the competition due to our competitive prices and our tremendous expertise. Contact us today for a quote.

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The journey to create the perfect website.

During our initial encounter, we will gather as much information as we can so we can give you a better estimate.

Acceptance of the project

The project will start to take shape after you have accepted our quote and made your first payment.

Content organisation and elaboration

The evaluation will allow us to evaluate what we can keep and what we need to create. An optimization expert will review the content in order to identify SEO opportunities. Once the text is approved, it will be reviewed by translators and revisers.


The design phase is when we create the visual aspect of your website. The design will respect your branding and your company’s image.

Programming and content integration

A very experienced druid will assemble all the website’s elements with the help of his magic keyboard.

Time to publish your website

The last step consists of reviewing the whole website to make sure everything is in its place. We can offer a customized training that will teach website administrators how to make text modifications.