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By Dave Levesque 1 year ago
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Superior Millwright is an active business all over the Maritimes for many years, they have a solid reputation when it comes to machine shop fabrication and laser alignment.

Their previous website contained limitation and needed an upgrade.

Today, superiormillwright.ca clearly illustrate a modern image of the business with an industrial and technological themed design. Many photos have been added to better communicate the bulk of the projects Superior Millwright have been involved in.

The most important part is that Superior Millwright now possess an automated lead generator to help them grow their sales funnel.

To conclude, the site superiormillwright.ca will be promoted thouroughout the Maritimes to increase the likebility to be found by online searches therefore gather more requests for quotes.

The company’s CEO, Bruno Michaud is estatic to welcome this new tool and is asured that his business will profit from it.


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